EA Modelling

Systems – therefore relationships. More than just a sum of parts.

Because everything is connected.  This is the view we choose.

Strategies, business processes, applications, databases, servers and networks are all useful things – but by themselves are of no value.  A Strategy is of no value if not supported by the business processes.  Business processes are great – but in the digital age cannot happen without the applications that support them.  Applications don’t work without databases and servers to support them – while nobody can use them without the network.

Enterprise Architecture Modelling is all about accepting that everything has a relationship with everything else – pulling on one strand of the spiders web has an impact on everything else!

It’s about building a model that allows you to answer some interesting questions:

  • Who is affected when that server / application / network link fails?
  • How many applications are affected by the looming operating system end of life?
  • What’s the next application/server to fix?

Enterprise Architecture Modelling can be done right, and there are a LOT of wrong ways to do it too!  Brian has seen EA models that are of little value – as they’re effectively slide decks of Visio diagrams.  Let him help you do it the right way!